Reopening July 2020

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We reopen on 4 July!  We’re so excited to see our guests again.  Usually, in our updates, we let you know all about what’s on offer, the fun things.  Instead, in this post, we’re going to discuss Covid-19 updates to cleaning and our new Covid Guarantee.  It’s not as exciting as rope swings over rivers or campfires but it will have to do for now.

First, the Covid Guarantee.  We’re currently rebooking everyone whose arrival was prevented due to lockdown.  If you haven’t already amended your booking, don’t worry.  You have 18 months from the date of your original reservation.  We no longer process your balancing payment until two weeks before your arrival – throughout the pandemic, for however long it hangs around bothering us all. Everything else is the same.  We still recommend travel insurance for staycations though personally we’re a bit down on insurance companies who have caused us and others a great deal of heartache when we were convinced we were covered.  Our bridge floated away in a recent storm and our insurers wouldn’t even cover that! So ask a load of questions before taking out any policies, and then ask a few more questions – and ensure the excess isn’t more than £50.

Covid-19 Cleaning is serious business as not only do we wish to protect our guests, we also wish to protect ourselves and our instructors and cleaners.  Because we want to ensure everyone is as safe as possible.  Fortunately, Adhurst won’t need to take any new Social Distancing Measures as we were already possibly the most socially distant site in England.  We don’t need to reduce guest numbers to remain socially distant, be a very very wide margin or 75m instead of the official 2 metres.  We don’t need to put tape down for shower queues or organise time slots as you most likely have your own shower or bath or privy.  One change is happening though – Birch Yurt is about to get its own privy for the first time.

We now offer self check-in.  All our floors are wood and they will be sprayed with a chlorine dilution, as will all hard surfaces before and after each stay.  For the time being, we are removing rugs and kelim cushions as these textiles would be damaged by chlorine sprays.  We still have our linen service but are requesting guests strip their own beds upon departure.  Alternatively, guests should feel free to bring their own bedding if they prefer.  Please let us know a few days before arrival if you’re bringing your own linen.  As always, children (apart from those sleeping in the double bed) should bring sleeping bags.  Pillows are still provided.  All dishes, crockery and cutlery are now steam-cleaned in the dishwasher between stays.  Our cast iron cookware and BBQ equipment should be placed over the fires before using.  Do bring hand gel, as always, because there is no running water to wash hands in the privies.  There is however running water in your safari kitchen and liquid soap is provided.  Do always ask if you have any cleaning concerns and we are prepared to learn more and do whatever we need to do to ensure this virus does not spread.