In this spirit here are a few of our imperfect tips for 2020

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We’ve taken the plunge and tried solid shampoo bars – and even solid conditioner bars – and have seen the light!  I was sceptical but they work perfectly.  My personal favourites are from LUSH.  They also sell metal soap dishes.  This has been a revelation and they last forever.  We urge you to try them and they’re much easier to take on your travels.  We’ve also learned that outside the clinical hospital environment hand sanitizer’s effectiveness over soap is unproven.  But a word on soap – go for milled bars.  Whilst handmade bars are often pretty and smell lovely they pool into an awful mess and don’t last well.  Our firm favourite is Cussons Imperial Leather.

Lose the tubes of toothpaste – they add to landfill and will never break down.  That was our family’s initial motivation in trying toothpaste tablets but let me assure you that once tried you’ll never want to return to the wet foamy gunk again.  Tooth tablets are so convenient and they work better!  We wanted ones with fluoride but you can find them without flouride as well.  I order mine online from Dentabs.  You don’t even need water with these so you can brush your teeth on the train or in the woods!  There’s a knack – you chew the wee tablet with your front teeth to create the paste and then brush and spit.  Don’t rinse as you want the fluoride to work its magic.  Your teeth feel shiny and polished and the dentist says that whatever I’m using is working.  And so easy to transport in a pretty little pill box.

Lose the huge plastic bottles of laundry detergent!  Yes, imagine how much room you’ll have in your store cupboards!  Again, I was completely sceptical and we do a lot of bed linen and general washing.  (Though your yurt linen is collected by a linen service and washed by them – but I digress.)  At first we thought why buy a plastic egg? – that’s just more plastic!  Wrong!  I did numerous tests and this is what I have found.  Fill the egg with its pellets (you only do this once) and pop it in with your bed linen and towels, ensure you’re washing at a low temperature of no higher than 40 degrees.  (Otherwise you’ll melt your egg.  There’s no synthetic scent and if you thought that scent meant the smell of cleanliness you’re brainwashed by decades of laundry ads.  No scent is what you want.  And the linen comes out clean.  It’s magic.  I simply don’t know how those pellets work but put simply, IT WORKS.  If something is really filthy you can always use soda crystals first and then the egg.  Plus, the egg does about 70 washes before you just open the re-usable egg and fill with new pellets.

And lose the bottled water, even the glass bottles!  Just bring your favourite re-fillable bottle and fill it straight from the tap at your safari kitchen at your yurt.  We’ve yet to find a commercial refuse collector (Adhurst being a business in terms of the council and waste collection) – so we can’t recycle guests’ plastic waste.  We urge guests to not bring bottled water.  We do however collect your tins and glass and they get recycled at the public bottle banks.  But not the plastic!  But that won’t matter to you as you’ll have your tooth tablets and your shampoo bars and your water bottles!

We will be blogging more on not just sustainability and zero-waste but also the SLOW movement and how it can make you happier!