Coronavirus Update

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We are writing to reassure our guests that, despite the crisis – the birds are still making their nests, the river is still flowing (in the correct direction), and our bird man, Matthew, has even spotted a rare firecrest in the woods. The wild daffodils are resplendent. Nature is alive and well and here to care for you – despite the sheep and Lily in the photo above who yesterday weren’t really certain if they were coming or going!

Adhurst remained open during WWI when Adhurst St Mary temporarily became a military hospital for recovering and shell-shocked soldiers.  During WWII Adhurst became the wartime home of Portsmouth Girls School; the woods became their classroom and one of the old girls has even returned to the yurts to visit the woods with her grandchildren.  Now in 2020, the year that is soon to be cancelled, Adhurst Yurts + Cabin are remaining open unless forced by government directive to shut.  

We hope you will find it comforting to learn that our yurts and cabin are all mainly 75 metres away from each other.  This ensures you are self-distancing by roughly thirty-seven times the recommended 2 metres. Each safari kitchen is fully-equipped and entirely private.  We will be offering self ‘check-in’.  Cleaning is now at a new level involving chlorine wash. Petersfield Linen Services are still laundering all our linens to the highest standard. Remember that where possible it’s safest to wee outdoors; the fewer door handles and surfaces you touch, the better. Your dogs are still welcome. 


We’ll be operating a revised payment policy for new bookings arriving during April and May and June – balancing payments after the 25% deposit will only be due three days before arrival. An enforced UK travel ban is a concern.  We take this and your safety very seriously.  At the same time it’s healthy to have something to look forward to and it’s healthy to get outdoors.  We’re trying to help this happen if allowed.

By the river or nestled in the embrace of a big tree, nature is one of the safest places to be.  Nature is nurturing and will calm our addled senses.

Whether you’re cocooning at home or you’re keen to hug a big tree,
we wish you strength and serenity,

Alison and Guy