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Aldous Huxley once said “To his dog every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs.” It’s so true. My dog, a small wire-haired thing who’s meant to be a Jack Russell but most definitely isn’t, thinks I’m truly amazing. Obviously one good turn deserves another and I’m utterly devoted to him. He has a pet passport so he can travel with us to France. He comes with me everywhere and if I can’t take him with me all manner of special arrangements are made. In short, I would find it pretty difficult to enjoy myself on holiday if my most loyal friend wasn’t included in the fun.

The great thing about staying at Adhurst is that your dog is welcome! We’ve never had a problem with canine guests. Dogs love it here and quickly sort out their own patch. There are no roads nearby so they’re safe. We always ask in advance about pets to ensure that only one yurt has a dog at any one time – unless it’s a group booking and everyone else is agreed. We’re a small site in a large space so your pet is unlikely to annoy anyone else. And generally other guests are very happy to see a well-bahaved dog.

There’s a lot of wildlife here and it’s hoped dogs will be on leads near the Wiltshire Horn sheep and the horses. Deer will bolt so be aware if your dog likes to give chase – he could get lost. I think the main concern is the less-trained dogs who jump on children and other guests. Having said that, so far no one has ever brought us an untrained dog.

I think it comes down to this – the sort of guest who wishes to bring his pet on holiday is likely to have a very contented pet – and contented dogs are pretty chilled out and well behaved. You know who you are! If you and your pet worship each other then you simply must bring your pet. Our dog, Jim, will be pleased to greet all four-legged visitors.